Gig review: The Bad Flowers – The Lexington, London – 16/10/17

The Bad Flowers played to a packed house at The Lexington in London last night! I arrived when they had just got on stage and were playing one of their new songs “Lion’s Blood”; the venue was starting to fill up and there was a long queue outside that slowed me down a bit!

[Photo credit: Andras Paul]

“Lion’s Blood” is a passionate rock and roll track. It will be featured on The Bad Flowers’ debut album, “Starting Gun”, set to be released in February 2018. I was already familiar with the song as I’ve heard them play it live a couple of times before. I always try to catch The Bad Flowers when they play London because they play the kind of music that you can dance and sing along to and just lose yourself in the moment. The best type of rock and roll.

[Photo credit: Andras Paul]

The band followed with another new song, “Who Needs A Soul”, that will also be on the album. As with all their songs, this one has addictive, groovy, catchy riffs and is played and sung with passion and energy. The next song was again a new one, “Secrets”, a bluesy track with what I can only describe as the signature Bad Flowers sound. These guys have carved out their own style: gritty, raw, rock ‘n’ roll, fueled by heartfelt and intense lyrics, with dancey and bluesy undertones. They are quite unique. I remember when I first heard their self-titled EP over a year ago and fell in love with it. This is a band that just has that certain magic. They are capturing the hearts of more and more rock fans with every gig.

There’s a genuine, real, and honest sound to the music The Bad Flowers play and in the way it’s performed.

[Photo credit: Andras Paul]

The band played one of my favourite songs next, “Can You Feel It?”. Here’s a short clip of that track that I filmed:


The band went on to play another of the tracks from their latest EP, “Big Country”; a great song to sing along to with its rousing chorus.

I noticed a lot of the people in the crowd were moving along to the music and all eyes were on the band.

[Photo credit: Andras Paul]

“I Don’t Believe It” was next, another new tune that will be featured on the debut album. This is going to be a fantastic album! All the songs I’ve heard so far are excellent.

They played their latest single, “Thunder Child”, next (which has been featured on Planet Rock). This is a full-on track that has everything you’d want from a great rock song. It sounds awesome live.

The last song of the evening was another of my favourites, “City Lights”. A perfect rock song, and a great way to end the set, although I could, quite easily, have watched them play for another couple of hours 🙂

By the time the show was over there was hardly any room to move in the venue; this band have been steadily building up a following of loyal fans.

The Bad Flowers have what it takes to rise to the top and it would be well-deserved.

[Photo credit: Andras Paul]

I first saw The Bad Flowers back in June 2016 and they were phenomenal back then. It’s great to see them getting the recognition they deserve.

Catch them at Planet Rock’s Winter’s End festival in February:

Follow The Bad Flowers:







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