Track of the Day – OCTOBER DRIFT – Cherry Red



October Drift are from Taunton in Somerset. I think they’ve yet to release a full album but have several singles and EPs out. ‘Cherry Red’ is from the This is Nowhere EP they released last year.

There are a few things I like about this band: the strong logo they have; the fact that all their releases basically feature just this logo in different colours; and obviously the music. This sounds very ’80s to me in some ways. It reminds me of car journeys to my music lessons on a Monday night when the local radio station had an indie hour. The Smiths, The Cure, The Wedding Present, and a load of bands that I can’t even remember now. This has that same reverb vocal and flattened industrial sound that intrigued me so much back then. Like pretty much everything by Joy Division and Jesus and Mary Chain, it makes me think of urban landscapes – empty warehouses, concrete walkways, brutalist architecture. Maybe that’s just me. I mean it in a complimentary way though, I love that sort of thing. If music doesn’t take you somewhere in your head, it’s hardly worth listening to.



In what I’m sure is no coincidence, October Drift are out on tour throughout, er, October. Check out their Facebook and Twitter feeds for details. This is a great band, and probably well worth seeing if you can.


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