Album review – COLDSPELL ‘A New World Arise’

coldspell_albumColdSpell’s new album is a blast of an exceptional and rather rare musical magic: the band delivers 13 tracks of powerful, pure, unadulterated melodic hard rock goodness, that both wows and dazzles. And while the sheer beauty of that musical magic is exceptional, it’s the power beneath – the lyrics, the vocals, and the RIFFS – that turn all that musical magic and craftsmanship into something transformative.

Riffs? Did I say riffs? You want riffs? Just give the first two tracks a listen. ‘Forevermore’ is topnotch, insta-classic hard rock, with music that races and sparkles and lyrics that rip and tear – “believe in the force of humanity”. And ‘Call of the Wild’ is already one of my favourite tunes of 2017 – a stunning track that literally gives me chills when I listen to it. Larsson’s guitar blended with Swedentorp’s vocals here makes for a gorgeous beast of a tune.


The rest of the album is superb as well. ColdSpell always delivers the musical goods, but the band really hits the jackpot with this album. Every tune shines, and there’s a passion beneath the gleaming music that makes the album really special – a combination of power, heart, and crystalline musical clarity that you don’t come across very often.

Favourites? Well, there’s the racing emotion of ‘It Hurts’, the intricate guitar-work of the gorgeous ‘Signs’ (one of my favourite tunes on the album), and the hellaciously hooky ‘Love Me Like You Do’… how to pick just one? Each one is a beautifully worked gem. Other standouts for me include the passionate ‘This Is Me’, and the heavy guitar-power of ‘Get To The Top’ and ‘Just One Night’ (MAN, what a track this is!). The soaring beauty of the title track has an almost operatic quality to it, and ’13 Signs’, the acoustic bonus track, is a thing of heart-piercing, heartbreaking beauty.

ColdSpell has truly outdone themselves with this release – ‘A New World Arise’ is one of my favourite releases of this year.


  1. Forevermore
  2. Call of the Wild
  3. It Hurts
  4. Miles Away
  5. Signs
  6. Love Me Like You Do
  7. This Is Me
  8. Get to the Top
  9. Wait Until Tomorrow
  10. Losing My Mind
  11. Just One Night
  12. A New World Arise
  13. 13 Signs (Acoustic Bonus)


  • Niclas Swedentorp – lead vocals
  • Michael Larsson – guitars
  • Chris Goldsmith – bass
  • Perra Johansson – drums
  • Matti Eklund – additional keyboards




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