Track of the Day – MARK LANEGAN – Death’s Head Tattoo



I picked this song for today as the world needs more Mark Lanegan in it. A lot more Mark Lanegan. Wall to wall Lanegan. Like a lot of people probably did, I watched a fair bit of Glastonbury this year on the TV (I couldn’t make it to the actual festival myself) and while everyone was getting demonstrably excited about the Foo Fighters and Radiohead, I was off on the playback app watching this guy. I think he’s criminally underrated, and nothing made me happier than the introduction he received from the BBC presenter as ‘rock and roll royalty’.

His latest album Gargoyle came out in the summer and it continues the same rock/electronica theme he’s been following for a few years now, both as a solo artist and in his collaborations with the Twilight Singers, Gutter Twins and SoulSavers. ‘Death’s Head Tattoo’ is a great representation of the album and his sound generally. I can’t really think of anyone else who is quite doing what Lanegan is doing. Which admittedly makes him a bit niche and probably explains his cult status. But come on, anyone who was in Screaming Trees, Mad Season (briefly) and Queens of the Stone Age surely deserves some attention. Especially when they have a voice like this.

Long live King Lanegan I say.



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