Gig review: Echotape – O2 Academy Islington – 5/10/17

I’ve been following Echotape for a couple of years now and I love their sound. They released their excellent debut album last year, “Wicked Way”.

They recently followed that up with a new EP. “This Could Be Anything”. Echotape’s songs are quite unique. They have a really original sound that doesn’t easily fit any one genre. It’s creative, catchy, and dancey. The song lyrics are endlessly relatable.

I was looking forward to catching them live again. They are the type of band that sound just as great live as they do on record.

Last night’s gig at O2 Academy Islington was a lovely treat for a weekday evening. The band’s performance was energetic, uplifting, and entertaining.

They started the set with the up tempo “Whiskey Bar”, taken from their debut album. It’s a great song for audience participation with the anthemic chorus.

That song was perfect for getting the crowd warmed up. They followed with “Friend Like Me”, another catchy track from their debut. It’s a fun and thought-provoking track.

They went on to play “Grams” from the debut and then followed with a song from the new EP, “Don’t Want Anyone”. Quite a large crowd had formed by that time and everyone seemed to be mesmerised by the band.

One of the highlights of the gig for me was when they played “We’ve Been Dreaming”, one of my favourite Echotape songs. I managed to capture a snippet of it at the show.


They ended the show with two songs from the new EP, the introspective “Out of Love” and the catchy “Forget It”. The crowd were dancing and singing along by the end. It was a fantastic set and over too soon.

Echotape are one of the best live bands out there. Don’t miss them if they play near you. They’re heading over to Europe next week.

You can stream Echotape’s music on Spotify. Check out their videos on Youtube.

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