Album review: Ghosts Of Yet To Come – Wayward Sons

Wayward Sons released their debut album, “Ghosts Of Yet To Come” on the 15th of September 2017. I’ve been listening to it a lot in my car. It’s a great album. One of the best releases of 2017. “Ghosts Of Yet To Come” contains ten brilliant rock tracks and this is a very talented band. The band members have a wealth of experience in the music industry going back some twenty years or more.


  1. Alive

“Alive” was my pick for Track of the Day back in July. It was one of the singles released before the album, so some of you may be familiar with it. I love the passionate vocals on this song and the way the lyrics really make you think. The heavy riffs are addictive.

2. Until The End

This is another one of the tracks released before the album. It’s one of my favourites. I just love the melodies and riffs. It also has thought-provoking lyrics. Toby Jepson’s voice is just one of those ‘rock’ voices that I could listen to forever 🙂 “Until The End” has quite a classic rock sound and quite heavy guitars. An addictive song.

3. Ghost Of Yet To Come

I love the lyrics on this one. It’s a great piece of social commentary as well as being a fantastic rock song. This is rock ‘n’ roll at its best.

4. Don’t Wanna Go

As soon as I heard this song I fell in love with it. It’s got a punk edge with driving guitars and a heavy bass line. The lyrics are fun, and I think this one would be great live, to get the crowd going. It has a catchy chorus and that awesome classic rock sound.

5. Give It Away

“Give It Away” is a catchy rock and roll offering with some thought-provoking, introspective lyrics. It’s heavy, groovy, and up tempo.

6. Killing Time

This one has funky guitars with a grunge-rock sound. It’s lyric driven with catchy riffs. It’s probably the heaviest track on the album. For me, it’s reminiscent of ’90’s rock music, like Skid Row.

7. Crush

This was another single released before the album, so you might be familiar with it. It has a slightly different sound to the rest of the tracks on the album, more of a mellow, melodic, classic rock sound.

8. Be Still

I love this one. It’s all about the trials and tribulations of life in the rat race, stuck in the system. It has a catchy sound. A solid rock song.

9. Small Talk

Another fantastic track. It has introspective, thought-provoking lyrics delivered with passionate vocals, backed by heavy and addictive guitars and melodies. It also has a bit of a punk edge.

10. Something Wrong

The final song on the album and a great way to end the album. It’s quite a reflective track. It’s laid back and bluesy with an awesome guitar solo. At over five minutes in length, it’s the longest song on “Ghosts Of Yet To Come”. A brilliant rock ‘n’ roll track.

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