Gig Review: KAATO at The Borderline, London – 27/9/17

I’ve been following KAATO for a while now. I heard their self-titled album last year and loved it. They have that awesome ’80’s glam rock sound. I’d been looking forward to catching them live. Last night they played The Borderline. It was their last show on this UK tour and it was fabulous.

Joining them on this tour was talented guitarist, Jack Edwards, who also plays in one of my other favourite bands, Piston.

This band look like rock stars and they have the attitude to go with the music. Their music has a dancey and fun vibe. Just the sort of thing to lift your spirits. They looked like they were having a lot of fun up there on stage!

The lead singer, Kurt Lowney, is one of those iconic frontmen. He has a great voice and is mesmerising to watch. It was a short set at just over half an hour but I enjoyed every minute. The band are really polished and professional, and the music sounds just as awesome live as on the recordings.

Here’s a clip of one of my favourite KAATO songs, “High Time”, that I captured at the gig.


KAATO played “SDRnR”, “Clean As A Whistle”, “High Time”, “I Don’t Love You”, “Bony Moronie”, “Snake Eyes”, and “Time Stands Still”.

Make sure you catch them if they play near you. It’s a guaranteed evening of entertainment 🙂

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