Gig Review: Austin Gold at The Dublin Castle – 27/9/17

Before I get to the review of Austin Gold’s gig I’ll just mention the band who were on before them last night at The Dublin Castle because they were great.

S R I are a band I hadn’t heard of before. I caught about four of their songs and really enjoyed the gig. They play quite funky heavy rock, and while watching them I was thinking they sound a bit like Rage Against The Machine. Coincidentally, they finished their set with a brilliant cover version of RATM’s “Killing In The Name Of” 🙂 That went down really well with the crowd. Find out more bout S R I on their Facebook page:

Austin Gold

Once in a while a new band arrives on the scene and sets the bar a little bit higher for other bands. Austin Gold is one of those, in my opinion. I’ve been to lots of gigs this year, but Austin Gold’s gig at The Dublin Castle has to be a stand-out. They play the type of music that takes you away to another place. The performance was uplifting and entertaining.

Austin Gold’s music is a dream come true for a guitar-music fan; it’s bluesy, has soul, and is performed with passion. This is a talented band of musicians and I think the world needs to know about them!

I remember when I first heard a pre-release copy of their debut album, “Before Dark Clouds”, and was blown away. It is a transcendental offering of the kind that doesn’t come around very often.

If you don’t have a copy of the album yet, grab one now – you won’t regret it:



Last night the band played most of the songs from their debut album.

The lead singer is charismatic and has an amazing voice. He also plays guitar and is backed by an exceptionally talented group of musicians. The guitar solos were captivating.

It was an exhilarating performance by a world-class band.

They finished their set with an awesome version of Python Lee Jackson’s “In A Broken Dream”. Here’s a snippet:


Austin Gold have posted details of a few upcoming gigs on their website:

Don’t miss your chance to see them live. Austin Gold really are one of those unique bands that deliver music from the heart.

Set list: See The Light, The Reason, Before Dark Clouds, Brand New Low, Roadside, Another Kinda Bad, All The Way Down, Home Ain’t Home, In A Broken Dream.

Follow Austin Gold:






  1. […] Austin Gold – One of the best bands I’ve discovered this year. Their debut album, “Before Dark Clouds”, is fantastic. They are a live band that will blow you away. They’ve been nominated by Get Ready To ROCK as Best Breakthrough Act 2017: you can vote for them HERE. See my review of their Dublin Castle show in September here: […]


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