EP review – AVIATOR SHADES ‘This Is What We Do’

ThisIsWhatWeDoI’ve followed Vancouver band Aviator Shades for a while, and right from the start I’ve been hugely impressed by the band’s kick-ass rock’n’roll skills, and their dedication to a classic, hard rock’n’roll sound that doesn’t skimp on the melodies. If you’ve been lucky enough to see them live, you’ll also know that they are an absolute force of nature on stage. All of that – the fire, the brawn, the skills, the craft – shines through beautifully on the band’s brand new EP ‘This Is What We Do’.

The tracklist is made up of six hooky-as-hell tunes, each with its own vibe and personality, making the EP an absolute joy to listen to. The band has so much heart and soul, but also a whole lot of musical muscle (and they damn sure know how to flex it!), and their sound makes me think of old-school bands like Thin Lizzy, Queen, and even The Eagles – bands that had killer tunes, and always paid sincere attention to vocals and melodies.

This is what makes Aviator Shades stand out for me: they consistently write tunes with great melodies, awesome vocals and even, gasp!, a whole lot of smooth as silk vocal harmonies.

Aviator Shades open up ‘This Is What We Do’ with the excellent rock-and-roller ‘Burn It Down’, a heavy hitter of a track with a whole lot of swing and groove, that is both fun and hellaciously catchy. Next up is ‘Voodoo’ – a tasty track that is heavy on those signature harmonies.


‘Freedom Lies Bleeding’ is a standout track on this EP – a passionate, blistering  tune with lyrics that cuts right through: “every saviour a wolf in disguise…” This is a powerful tune that packs a real emotional punch.

‘Moonlight’ is a fantastic rock tune with a 70s vibe featuring a killer melody and the kind of vocals that has me coming back for more; while the hard rocking ‘Be Somebody’ is a hefty chunk of bonafide, genuine hard rock’n’roll and prime Aviator Shades.

The EP closes out with the riffy awesomeness of ‘Don’t Leave Me Now’ – a riffy, guitar-heavy tune that shows off the band’s knack for catchy, hooky rock and roll tunes.

Aviator Shades is the real deal: anyone with a craving for classic rock and roll with a new twist should check out this band and this EP. Catch the band on the road, too! They’re playing gigs all over Canada right now. Check out the band’s website for details.

Get ‘This Is What We Do’:

Aviator Shades official website / Facebook / Twitter


  1. Burn It Down
  2. Voodoo
  3. Freedom Lies Bleeding
  4. Moonlight
  5. Be Somebody
  6. Don’t Leave Me Now


  • Dave Gorman: Lead Vocals/Bass,
  • George Baker: Lead Guitar/Vocals,
  • Daniel James: Lead Guitar/Vocals,
  • Spencer Tomlinson: Drums/Vocals


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