Track of the Day – STEF CHURA – Spotted Gold



Breaking news: geek rock revival gathers pace. I’ve always been a fan of artists like Beck and Cake. The misfit ones, slightly oddball, but with their own undeniable charm. Stef Chura does it better than just about anyone. Spikier than Weezer, cooler than Ben Folds, and more deliberately low-fi than pretty much everyone else.

Chura is from Detroit, although she doesn’t share that generic Detroit sound that so many bands adopted post-White Stripes. Not that I don’t like that style, but at the same time it’s nice to hear something different too.

She released her debut album Messes in February. Here she sounds to me like a young and slightly manic Chrissie Hynde. I like the random ordinary madness of the video too. Great stuff. There is no such thing as too off-beat in my opinion.



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