Album review – TRUCKER DIABLO ‘Fighting For Everything’

fightingforeverythingTrucker Diablo’s brand new album ‘Fighting For Everything’ (released to Pledge-campaign supporters on September 15th) is a high-octane, grade A, flawlessly crafted rock and roll release. It is so damn good it has immediately rocketed onto my list of Favourite Albums of the Year. I mean, seriously, how good is this band? So good that in an alternate, rock’n’roll-powered universe they are playing stadiums, rolling in money, and bathing in their choice of beer. In our universe I guess they’ll have to make do with the adulation of old and new Trucker-fans across the world.

Did I say this album is flawless? That’s because I mean it. Guitars, vocals, drums, bass, music, lyrics, melodies…everything on ‘Fighting For Everything’ is world-class. This album is so full of brawny, stick-to-your-ribs, shake-your-spine goodness that I have not stopped listening to it since downloading it this morning. (It’s evening when I write this, and honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed an album the same day I received it, but hot DAMN, this album will not wait.)

Trucker Diablo slams the pedal to the floor right away with the rousing rock’n’roll anthem ‘Born Trucker’, and then soar right into the stratosphere with ‘We Will Conquer All’ – a tune that feels like a riff-fuelled battle hymn, and made me sing along on the first play-through.

From that point on, the band is just ON. I’ve been in love with Trucker Diablo since I listened to their album ‘Songs of Iron’ – one of my all-time favourite rock albums – but I think this release tops that one. The band has just, somehow, vaulted themselves to another level of awesome.


On ‘Drown in the Fire’ they bring down the house (my house, your house, and probably the neighbours’ houses, too) with a southern rock infused belter of a tune that runs hot on attitude, swagger, and massive riffs. ‘Voodoo II’ brings a darker, wicked-rocking vibe and a slamming rhythm, while ‘Let’s Just Ride’ feels like the awesome sequel to ‘Drive’ (from ‘Songs of Iron’) that I’ve been craving.

The title track ‘Fighting For Everything’ is another bruising, bass-thumping, drum-slamming rocker of a tune that will lift your spirits and make you bang your head at the same time. The guys slow down a bit to bring out the passionate power of ‘Over The Wall’ – a track that simply gives me goosebumps.

After warming the listener up with all that, Trucker Diablo cracks open two stunning tunes: ‘Detroit Steel’ is just a wonder, bristling and throbbing with massive guitars and killer vocals from Tom Harte, while ‘Die For You’ might just be the best tune on this whole album. HOLY SMOKES does this thing rock! Guitars so heavy and hard they’ll set off the seismographs, and just blistering hot from start to finish.

The band throws out another defiant and gob-smackingly good tune with ‘Pocket Full of Changes’ and then, well, then… Then they bring out the strings and the acoustic guitars and deliver a heartbreaking, exquisite ballad about love and loss and grief called ‘When The Waters Rise’.

‘Fighting For Everything’ is a master-class in rock and roll from a band that just keeps blowing my mind with their music. If you’ve got a taste for hard, heavy rock and roll that isn’t afraid to wear its heart on its sleeve while knocking your socks off, then Trucker Diablo and this album is for you.

Trucker Diablo’s official website / Facebook / Twitter


  • Tom Harte
  • Simon Haddock
  • Jim McGurk
  • Terry Crawford


  1. Born Trucker
  2. We Will Conquer All
  3. Drown In The Fire
  4. Voodoo II
  5. Lets Just Ride
  6. Fighting For Everything
  7. Over The Wall
  8. Detroit Steel
  9. Die For You
  10. Pocket Full of Changes
  11. When The Waters Rise


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