Gig review: THEIA, Anonymous, and At The Sun – The Black Heart, London 3rd September 2017

There is some awesome talent in the independent rock music scene at the moment and last night’s line-up at The Black Heart in Camden was proof that rock is alive and kicking in the UK.

I booked this as a last minute gig after listening to headliner THEIA’s latest album. Big thanks to Sonia (@OnnyPonny) for telling me about the band! I was very impressed by their latest album and just knew it would be a good show. I also listened to their debut album before the show and ended up buying copies of both the CDs at the gig because they are so good 🙂

The band have been featured on Guy B’s Rock Show on Meridian FM. If you haven’t heard the show, you should try to tune in. It’s usually on every Friday between 5 and 7 p.m. It’s a great place to find out all about the up and coming rock bands. THEIA took time out from their gig to thank Guy B and the Rock Show for the promotion they’ve done for them. They dedicated one of their songs, “Home”, to Guy at the gig.

There were lots of music press at the gig last night (including staff from Down the Front, who also do a lot to support new bands, with a podcast and live reviews, etc.). It’s good to know that the rock music scene is so supportive of new bands. The three young bands that played last night are definitely part the next generation of great British rock.

At The Sun

The first band on stage were the awesome At The Sun. This band have been on my radar since Maria Haskins picked their track “Breathe” as a Track of the Day on this blog, back in June. I listened to their EP before the show and really enjoyed it. I was looking forward to seeing them live.

They play the type of rock music that make you want to dance. They put on a very energetic performance. The stage was a bit small for the five of them, but they made it their own and used every part of it. This is a band of passionate musicians and they have some fantastic rock tracks.

As well as playing all of the tracks from their brilliant debut EP, “Breathe”, they also played “Preacher”, “Soak It Up”, and “Only A Fool”. In addition, they did an awesome cover version of Rag’n’Bone Man’s “Human”.

I’d recommend you try to catch these guys live if they play near you. They have everything it takes to be one of the great arena rock bands of the future. Their music is perfect for an entertaining evening of hard and heavy rock music. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for upcoming gigs:

Follow At The Sun:






I didn’t know much about Anonymous before last night’s gig. I’d listened to their latest EP online and enjoyed it. I was looking forward to hearing the songs live.

They put on an awesome show, full of energy. They engage well with the crowd and seem very at home on stage.

All three of last night’s bands have a similar type of sound and that was one of the great things about the line-up. It was no nonsense rock music. All the bands were exceptional and show promise of going far.

Anonymous played a couple of songs from their latest EP, “What You Deserve”  – the title track, and “Will You Ever Learn”, which was one of the highlights of their set for me, a really evocative track. They also played a couple from their debut EP, “Slow Down Mr Speedy” and “Doubts”.

They have some very memorable songs, with noticeably heavy riffs and their music definitely makes you want to dance along. They play with passion and energy. Follow their Facebook page for upcoming events:

You can find their music on Bandcamp:

You can also stream it on Spotify:

Full set list: “Crack My Soul”, “What You Deserve”, “Exile”, “Cut Your Losses”, “Slow Down Mr Speedy”, “Will You Ever Learn?”, “Painkiller”, “Running Blind”, “Doubts”, “Cochise”, “He Told Me”.

Follow Anonymous:





THEIA’s performance was full throttle rock and roll from start to finish. All three of the band members are charismatic and they obviously really enjoy themselves on stage.

They put their all into the performance and the singer is great at engaging with the crowd. He even ran out into the crowd at one point, playing his guitar as he went 🙂

They played a great mix of songs from both their albums. They started with 3 songs from their latest album, “Back In Line”: “Just Go”, “Paper the House”, and “Signed Sealed Cemented”. I can definitely hear the influence from rock and metal bands of the past in their music. They have some really catchy hooks and heavy riffs. Their songs also have that anthemic quality that is perfect for crowd participation.

After the first 3 tracks, they played a couple of songs from their awesome debut album, “Take The Pill”: “Overthrown” and “We’re Alive”, before going back to the new stuff with “My Poison” and “Afterglow”. They then played the title track from the new album, “Back In Line”, before going back to their debut for the final three songs in their set: “Some Days”, “Ride On”, and finally the best name for a song I’ve heard in a while, “Whoop-Dee-Fucking-Doo!” 🙂

The wonderfully effervescent singer, Kyle Lamley, called for crowd participation in the last two songs, singing along and repeating lines of the songs after him. There was quite a crowd by the end of the night and everyone was singing and dancing along.

It was an entertaining show. They’re a powerful trio. THEIA’s music is hard rock with a heart. They have some insightful lyrics in their songs. Definitely a band to watch! Check out their website for upcoming tour dates:

Follow THEIA:








  1. Hi Maria. Thanks for the great reviews… My son plays lead guitar in Anonymous so thanks for the exposure! Sorry I couldn’t be there!
    theia are also amazing and great guys too.
    Hayden also said At the sun were brilliant so sounds like you had a great night!
    Thanks again!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for commenting, Dave! Glad you like the review. Your son’s band are awesome 🙂 It was a dream line-up for a rock fan, all the bands put on great performances. Looking forward to seeing them all again!


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