Track of the Day – CLOUD NOTHINGS – Enter Entirely



I try to mix it up a bit when I select my songs for Track of the Day, and I like quite a wide range of music across metal/rock/indie/punk (and beyond). But if I’m being honest, about 80% of my record collection sounds a bit like Cloud Nothings. Introspective American indie rock is my favourite, with it’s cloudy grey sound, its maudlin lyrics, minor key chords and occasional lapses into discordant melodic chaos. I’m not sure what this says about me, but it probably says something.

Cloud Nothings are from Cleveland, Ohio and have been knocking around since 2009. This track comes from their latest album Life Without Sound which was released in January this year. The video reminds me of those old washed out R.E.M. ones from around the time of Document. The song is somewhere in the same musical universe as Weezer, or maybe a more melodic Pavement, or less frantic Dinosaur Jr. It’s pretty great anyway. I like it a lot. But then, I would wouldn’t I?



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