Track of the Day – PALE SEAS – Into the Night

Pale Seas 2


Pale Seas hail from Southampton and had a couple of songs out back in 2012/2013. As far as I can tell they’ve had a minor lineup change and are back with a few new singles now and a debut album slated in for later this year.

I’ve been listening to this track for the past couple of weeks, having discovered it while I was on holiday (but too late to include it in my last set of track selections). I think it has everything going for it, from the moody Game of Thrones type artwork to the brilliant layered guitar work and atmospheric sound. Best of all is Jacob Scott’s voice which reminds me a little bit of Geddy Lee from Rush: somewhat androgynous, residing in an unusual register. It gives the whole thing something a bit unique. I like unique. And haunting. I like haunting too.

I need to give you a warning: this video does not so much contain flashing imagery as it is entirely comprised of flashing imagery. So be careful if you’re susceptible to that sort of thing.



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