Gig review: Black Water Chemistry, Gévaudan, and Black Sixteen – Lounge Fest, London 26/8/17

I was lucky enough to catch 3 awesome bands at Archway’s The Lounge yesterday evening: Black Water Chemistry, Gévaudan, and Black Sixteen!

I’d originally planned to just go and see Black Sixteen. I first saw them live in March in Camden and really enjoyed it. I decided to turn up early and catch the other bands because I looked them up online and had a feeling I’d like them.

It was a great way to spend an evening. All three bands are very talented and although they each have different styles of music, they all come under the general “metal” genre and they all play with passion and are great at what they do.

Black Water Chemistry

Black Water Chemistry are from Wales. They play epic metal guitar-driven music with a grungy sound. I enjoyed every minute of it. It’s no-nonsense metal, heavy and captivating. They also did a cover of “The Fight Song” (Marilyn Manson), which included some audience participation.

I found a copy of their set-list on the floor after the show 🙂

The band play Trillions, Newcastle on 29th August, and then HRH Highway to Hell on 1st September in Sheffield.

I’d recommend them if you’re a metal fan. These guys are good!

They have some new music coming soon.

Check out their EP, “A Thousand Tides”, on Bandcamp:

Follow Black Water Chemistry:




The next band up were Gévaudan. This is an eclectic-looking band; the guitarist looks like he could be part of a psychedelic rock band from the ’70s 🙂 The drummer uses a gong as part of his drum kit, which adds an interesting touch. The music these guys play is awesome. It’s doom metal but has a psychedelic/stoner element to it. They are all very talented and I really enjoyed their set despite never having heard any of their songs before. It’s mesmerising music and it was a brilliant performance.

You can find their music at Bandcamp:

I was curious to find out what their name means. I found this on their FB bio 🙂

Gévaudan’s name stems from the French folklore – La Bête du Gévaudan. The band’s live delivery reflects this tale, taking their pound of flesh from their audiences by the time they reach the end of their set.

Upcoming tour dates:

9 Sept 17 – Balstock Festival, Baldock
29 Sept 17 – Firebug, Leicester
13 Oct 17 – The Dev, London
5 Nov 17 – Riff Conspiracy, The Ruby Lounge, Manchester
10 Nov 17 – A Day of Rock, The Hut, Corby
25 Nov 17 – Riffmass, Green Door Store, Brighton

Catch them live if you can.

Follow Gévaudan:





Black Sixteen

I was looking forward to seeing Black Sixteen live again because I’ve been following them online since I last saw them in March, and love their latest single, “Drown”. They have some great music available. You can stream it on Spotify. Buy on iTunes:

The band line-up was slightly different from when I last saw them; for yesterday’s gig, they were joined by an ex-member filling in on bass, Dany Jones.

Black Sixteen describe their music as “Dark grunge noise pop”. There is definitely a brooding and emo quality to the music and it’s delivered with passion.

Here’s a clip from “Drown” that I captured at the gig:


Black Sixteen also played a great cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Head Like a Hole”, as well as an intense selection of songs from their own collection. Due to timing issues, I think they had to cut their set short but it was a great performance and they drew quite a crowd.

Set list: Pristine /Candytown /Kill List /Head Like A Hole /Freak /Drown

Follow the band:







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