Gig review: Ryan Hamilton and The Traitors – The Borderline, London, 25/8/17

The Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors gig at The Borderline last night was fantastic. I first heard about this band when Ryan Hamilton released a charity single with Ginger Wildheart in December to raise awareness of, and funds for, suicide prevention.

Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors released their album, “The Devil’s In The Detail” earlier this year, and I fell in love with their single “Heavy Heart” and featured it as track of the day last month.

Needless to say, I was looking forward to hearing that song live. I have listened to the new album a couple of times online, but wasn’t familiar with much more of their music. Despite not knowing many of the songs, I really enjoyed the whole gig last night and found myself smiling throughout the show. This band’s music has a real feel-good factor and their passion and enthusiasm for the music is addictive. Ryan Hamilton is very charismatic and is a perfect frontman, knowing how to entertain the crowd with witty banter as well as his exceptional singing talent.

This is a very talented band that are producing some awesome alternative rock music.

The set list included: “Heavy Heart” (which Ryan dedicated to his friend, Ginger Wildheart), “Smarter”, “Scottish Mud”, “We Should Never Have Moved To LA”, “The Gulf of Mexico”, “4 Letter Verb”, “Truth on Tape”, “Freak Flag”, and “Ode To The Idiots”. They also played “Be Kind, Rewind”, and Ryan announced that Dave, the guitarist, had complained that they would have to play that song. This resulted in Dave flicking the vs to the crowd and a good humoured cry of “Fuck you, Dave” from one fan, to which Dave replied, “Later” 🙂 The fan was persistant, though, and replied, ‘No. Now!”. The theme of “Fuck you, Dave” carried on throughout the evening. Ryan stated that he was looking forward to seeing the hashtag #fuckyoudave on social media 🙂 . That was just one example of the funny exchanges between the band and the crowd. Ryan Hamilton loves to chat to the audience, and he always had a great response to any comments that were shouted out.

It was an excellent performance; an entertaining and fun evening. I’d recommend you try to catch them live if you can.

I’ll sum up by saying that Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors know how to entertain and they have some very catchy and evocative songs. I left the venue in high spirits. Their song “Be Kind, Rewind” contains the lyrics, “We’ll turn the rain into sunshine, In the nightime,” – they certainly did that in London last night 🙂

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