Track of the Day – THE BABIES – Midnight Mile



I’m sneaking this one into my selections a little bit to be honest. Shhh, it’s just between you and me right? The Babies are one of my favourite bands of the last few years, but there are two reasons why they’re not the best candidates for track of the day. The first is that they haven’t released anything since 2012. Well, technically there were some album outtakes out in 2015, but still, it’s hardly brand new music. Secondly, they’re not really a full time band, more of a side project for members of the bands Vivian Girls and Woods.

Despite this though, their album Our House on the Hill is, in my opinion, an absolute American indie classic. A mix of slacker, folk, Americana, post-punk, with echoes of Lou Reed, Patti Smith, R.E.M., Pavement, The Shins, a ton of others. It’s the aural equivalent of reading a Denis Johnson book or watching a Jim Jarmusch or Kevin Smith film. I stick it on and immediately I’m somewhere in small town America, hanging around aimlessly at night outside the convenience store in an otherwise darkened and partly derelict strip mall. It’s brilliant, and I love it, and I spend a good percentage of my time banging on to other people to listen to it too.

Anyway, ‘Moonlight Mile’ was one of the singles off this album. I’ll stop trying to justify myself now and just let you listen to it and make your own mind up.



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