Review – Amplified Festival 2017: 21st – 23rd July 2017 (Part 5)

This time last week, I was at the Amplified festival; a brand new rock/heavy metal festival that was launched this year. It was awesome. This week I’ve been reviewing the bands I saw at the festival.

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I’ve been following Massive for a few years. I interviewed Brad (vocals/guitar) in 2014 when I was blogging for the UK Arts Directory. You can check out the interview here:

The band mooned at the audience after Bad Touch’s set, so we knew that they were in a boisterous mood even before they got on stage. 🙂

The Amplified Festival was the first time I’d seen them live. Massive’s performance on the main stage last Sunday was everything you’d want from a rock ‘n’ roll band. These guys were there to party and they put on a high energy, explosive show. It was a set full of brilliant guitar-fueled tracks, and plenty of feel good rock ‘n’ roll attitude.

Their set included a new single, “Calm Before The Storm”, from their upcoming album.

They also played many of their hits from their first two albums, including “Now or Never”, “Blood Money Blues”, “One By One”, and “Ghost”.

If you’re a rock fan you should try to see them live. There are a few more chances to catch them live this week in the UK; they’ll be at Ramblin’ Man Fair tomorrow, and then they have a few dates lined-up during the week. Check out their website for details:

Follow Massive:





Divine Chaos

Divine Chaos is another band that I was not very familiar with before going to Amplified. They clashed with Vega, who were on the main stage. I’d been told Vega were good so I watched one of their songs before going to see Divine Chaos. Vega reminded me a bit of Europe and similar pop/rock bands of that era.

I headed for the tent to see Divine Chaos as I was more in the mood for some heavy metal at that time.

I’m very glad I went to check them out as I really enjoyed their set. The music was awesome. The guitars were epic. Even though I usually prefer metal with singing rather than screaming vocals, I was still hooked on this band.

It was an engaging performance and I left the tent feeling very happy that I’d seen them 🙂 .

Follow the band:





Another great find of the weekend for me were the German rock band Unzucht. I’d never heard of them before. These guys have some fantastic rock songs. They put on an awesome high energy performance. I really enjoyed the show.

A talented band that know how to captivate an audience. I’m glad I caught them.

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The final part of my review series is coming soon, featuring Hands Off Gretel, Reef, and Diamond Head.



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