Review – Amplified Festival 2017: 21st – 23rd July 2017 (Part 4)

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One of my favourite finds of the weekend was the band Courtesans. I wanted to watch them because I recalled someone mentioning them online before and saying they were great. I’d never heard any of their songs.

Their performance was one of the highlights of the weekend for me. I was hooked from the start. These girls have a powerful stage presence and their songs are catchy, melodic, heavy, and full of attitude.

Courtesans played songs from their debut album/EP, including “Knowhere” and “Feel The Same”, as well as the excellent “Monkey Logic”, and an awesome cover version of DJ Luck & MC Neat’s “Little Bit of Luck”. It was a fantastic and captivating performance.

I enjoyed it so much that I bought their CD after the show and met the girls at the merch tent. They were kind enough to sign my copy, and I even got a hug! 🙂

Catch them live if you can! They have some upcoming gigs lined up, including the Bloodstock festival.

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Bad Touch

I’d seen Bad Touch live once before so I knew they were a great live band. I was looking forward to catching their show.

Check out some fabulous photos of the gig, taken by Kristi O’Connell, that will give you an idea of how much fun it was:

Bad Touch’s music has a real feel-good quality; it’s good old-fashioned bluesy rock and roll. It was the perfect way to get the mid-afternoon crowd at Amplified to forget about the weather for a while.

The band started their set with “My Mother Told Me”, followed by the dancey “Heartbreaker Soulshaker”.

They also played “Under My Skin”, “Wise Water”, “Outlaw”, their recent hit “99%”, and finished with the wonderfully mellow track “The Mountain”.

It was a brilliant performance, and I think Bad Touch keep getting better and better. Their energy is contagious! There was a lot of dancing and singing along going on.

Bad Touch play Ramblin’ Man Fair tomorrow. You can also catch them on tour in the UK later in the year when they support The Kentucky Headhunters in October, and also on their own headline tour in November, with support from Mollie Marriott. If you’re a rock fan, I’d recommend you try to see them live.

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Stay tuned for more of my reviews from the awesome Amplified Festival…



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