Track of the Day: Chicago USA – The Jerrys

Back in 2010, I read Jerry Schwartz’s brilliant debut novel “Pixels of Young Mueller”. I interviewed the author about the book and also about his band, The Jerrys, on my Goodreads blog. You can read the interview HERE.

My track of the day today is a new release by The Jerrys, “Chicago USA”; a catchy, uptempo pop-rock tune – featuring Robert Porche’ (drums) and Jim Losby (bass guitar).

Jerry says,

“My new single is a tribute to two of my favorite childhood songs, “Downtown” and “I Know a Place” (both made popular by Petula Clark), as well as my contribution to songs about Chicago.”

About the band:

The Jerrys are a British-influenced guitar-pop band formed in Chicago, Illinois, by singer-guitarist Jerry Schwartz. Schwartz writes, plays, sings, and produces the music of The Jerrys, often enlisting the help of musical friends when recording and performing live. Since the release of Pop Go The Jerrys in 2001, the band continues to release new original music on a regular basis.

Since childhood, Jerry has created music with whatever instruments were available to him, and that playfulness continues to the present. Schwartz is not afraid to try new things, and his do-it-yourself ethic allows him full creative control. He also mixes and masters the music of The Jerrys, and listeners compare the sounds to Boyce and Hart, The Who, Matthew Sweet, and The Shoes.

From lighthearted CD/song titles (Jerryrigged, “I Even Love You More Than Elizabeth Hurley,” The Wind Cries Jerrys) to trebly instrumentals (“Telepop,” “Just Looking,” “Love Thang”) to pop culture references (Ulysses, Gene Krupa, Ann Taylor) to covers of favorite bands (“Ticket to Ride,” “Love in Action,” “Bohemian Like You”), The Jerrys play like it all matters somehow. Because it does–at least to Schwartz.

The Jerrys’ forthcoming EP, The Wind Cries Jerrys, will be available in late 2017. The single from that release, “Chicago USA,” is available now as a free download on The Jerrys website and on SoundCloud. Stay tuned. There’s more on the way from The Jerrys!

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