Pre-order Pinewood Smile, the new album from The Darkness!

The Darkness will release a new album on 6th October 2017, “Pinewood Smile”, through Cooking Vinyl. The album will be available on CD, limited edition Deluxe CD (featuring four bonus tracks), Gatefold Heavyweight Vinyl, Cassette and in both Standard and Deluxe digital versions.

Pre-order your copy HERE.

Track listing:

  1. All The Pretty Girls
    2. Buccaneers Of Hispaniola
    3. Solid Gold
    4. Southern Trains
    5. Why Don’t The Beautiful Cry?
    6. Japanese Prisoner Of Love
    7. Lay Down With Me, Barbara
    8. I Wish I Was In Heaven
    9. Happiness
    10. Stampede Of Love

Deluxe version extras:

11. Uniball
12. Rack of Glam
13. Seagulls (Losing My Virginity)
14. Rock In Space

The first single from the album, “All The Pretty Girls” was released today. Stream it on Spotify.

Check out the official press release:

“England’s most distinctive, multiple award-winning, platinum-selling, hugely entertaining rock gods – and one-time saviours of rock’n’roll turned national pleasures – The Darkness are back with their fifth album Pinewood Smile, due for release October 6th through Cooking Vinyl.

Marking the announcement the band have today unveiled the spectacular album opener ‘All The Pretty Girls’, which is available to download for all pre-order customers at http://www.projects/the-darkness-new-album/downloads now!

‘All The Pretty Girls’ is a glorious, hard-rockin’, autobiographical anthem intellectually examining the fact that when you’re a rock star you get a lot of attention from ladies and discussing the ethical conundrums that come with that.

Addressing the forthcoming album and The Darkness’ undoubted relevance in 2017, Justin Hawkins asks, somewhat rhetorically of the world at large, the following:

“Why should anybody care? Because if you don’t, we’re fucked!! History will remember us as the apathetic generation who negligently ushered in a dreadful dystopian age that may or may not come to be known as ‘The Rise of the Arseclowns’. We cannot allow this to continue! You may not give a shit about Brexit or Trump, but PLEASE…. give a shit about The Darkness otherwise the last bastion of cultural sensibility will fall and our airwaves will be polluted by meaningless pop purveyed by arseholes and morons…. Oh wait!”

Written in Putney, recorded in Cornwall and produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Adrian Bushby (Foo Fighters, Muse), the compositions have all the crucial elements of classic Darkness fare, but with added layers for the ears to peel away at… like a sonic onion but a lot tastier. It also features the drumming and vocal talents of gorgeous new band member Rufus Tiger Taylor, son of Queen legend Roger Taylor, who shares vocal duties with Justin on two of the tracks.

The Darkness will be touring the new album throughout Europe and the UK from October through to December so grab your tickets from their website.

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