Track of the Day – DARK UNIVERSE ‘Bleed Me Dry’


This is a stunning track from Australian musician Jaime Page’s new CD ‘Into The Black’. Jaime is an exceptional musician and gives a great interview, as well: read my interview with Jaime here.

There is an Indiegogo campaign right now for ‘Into The Black’, and you can check it out here:

Dark Universe is: Jaime Page, Donna Greene, Craig Skelton, and Michael Burn.

More about the tune, and the album, and the Indiegogo campaign:

The first offering from the forthcoming INTO THE BLACK CD; song titled: Bleed Me Dry. Inspired by the documentary on Jimi Hendrix’s last days, Bleed Me Dry can mean many things to many people. We hope to be able to complete our INTO THE BLACK album and if you like what you hear and would like to support us, hope you will consider donating to our Indigogo campaign and help us to achieve our goal.
Please enjoy our little Bleed Me Dry lyrics video. The audio here has yet to be mastered and the best is hopefully yet to come.

If you enjoy our music, please follow us on facebook, twitter and if you can, our Indiegogo campaign and share our pages with your friends. We are nothing without your support. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!



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