Gig review: Linkin Park – 02 Academy Brixton – 4th July 2017

Linkin Park are one of those bands that appeal to all types of music lovers from heavy metal to pop and have had well-deserved worldwide success. They are currently on a tour promoting their latest album “One More Light”, their seventh studio album (released on May 19, 2017).

Last night’s show at Brixton’s 02 Academy was awesome. I last saw Linkin Park at the Sonisphere Festival back in 2009, so I was looking forward to the show because I know their live performances are fantastic.

The Academy was packed and it was a warm evening so it was really hot and sticky in the venue. I’m not very familiar with the band’s new songs yet, but I had heard a few of them and in particular I like “Good Goodbye” from the new album, so it was great to hear that played live. It sounded amazing and Stormzy joined the band on stage for that song.

This band have produced many unforgettable songs over the years. One of my highlights was when they played “In The End”; the crowd became louder than they had been throughout the whole show and everyone was singing the words, so the singer decided to stop and just watch for a while đŸ™‚ It’s a song that certainly resonates with lots of people, proving that we’re all more alike than we’re different. It’s probably the song that made me a Linkin Park fan and I’ve enjoyed everything they’ve done since then. I like the way they follow their creativity and have never really fitted into any particular genre.

Other highlights for me were “What I’ve Done” and “Numb”, another two of my favourite Linkin Park songs.

The band played for about two hours and it was a flawless performance. They played a good mix of old and new songs. Most of the crowd were singing along and dancing. Bands like Linkin Park don’t come along too often, they are the kind of band that can captivate an audience in a way that few bands can. It’s obvious they enjoy what they do, and it’s contagious. If you get a chance to see them live you should definitely grab it.

Set list:

Talking to Myself/Burn It Down/The Catalyst/Wastelands/One Step Closer/Castle of Glass
/Good Goodbye (with Stormzy)/Lost in the Echo/New Divide/Points of Authority/Invisible (with “Hands Held High” acapella)/Waiting for the End/Breaking the Habit/One More Light/Crawling (Piano version)/Leave Out All the Rest (2017 version)/A Place for My Head/What I’ve Done/In the End/Bleed It Out
Sharp Edges (Acoustic)

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