Track of the Day – MISTY MILLER – Girlfriend



Misty Miller is another of my Spotify finds: the result of a three hour marathon of following links and similar artists until I’m so far down the rabbit hole I can’t remember where I started. When I do find stuff like this though, it convinces me it’s all worth wasting hours of my life for.

Apparently, Miller started out as a bit of a wholesome, blonde haired folkie. I’m not sure when she transitioned to pop-punk, but the folk world’s loss is definitely our gain. ‘Girlfriend’ is a great three chord romp, with some nice twangy surf guitar overlaid to give it a bit more indie credibility.

I had a tough time picking which song to feature here to be honest, as her album The Whole Family is Worried is generally pretty great. Check out the bluesy torch song ‘Devil’ which is almost, almost, the track I put up here instead of this one. That reminds me of Jeff Buckley’s version of ‘Hallelujah’. Or ‘Happy’ which has the feel of an early Blondie song.

Anyway, she’s good isn’t she?



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