Track of the Day – L.A. WITCH – Untitled



I wrote a post about a month ago indirectly kind of complaining about the length of time it has taken Black Honey to drip feed their music out. That is nothing, nothing, compared to L.A. Witch. I first discovered their eponymous debut EP back in 2014. I had to wait until 2016 for the next release. Finally they have some further new music out, albeit a single from a pending album release in September.

I know, I know, putting out music this good takes time, it doesn’t just happen overnight. I’m just being impatient really, when I hear something I like I immediately want more of it. And L.A. Witch are definitely something I like.

The band is an indie-rock three piece from, well, L.A, and they describe themselves on Twitter as REVERB-SOAKED PUNKED-OUT ROCK. I wouldn’t disagree with that. In general they remind me a lot of the Velvet Underground, or at least a more modern interpretation of that kind of introspective art-house sound.

‘Untitled’, their latest release, is a actually a bit of a departure from the previous tracks I’ve heard from them in that the rhythm and bass have an almost country tinge to them. Don’t let that put you off though, it’s a great song.



I’m not sure I’m allowed to do this on Track of the Day, in fact I’m fairly certain I’m not, but still – check out this from them as well from 2014. My defence is, it’ll help emphasize my point about that country twang on the new track…




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