Track of the Day – LEFT LANE CRUISER – Booga Chaka


For today’s track, it’s time to sit back, kick off your work boots and pour yourself a large chipped mug of moonshine.

‘Booga Chaka’ is a messy slice of swampy, junkyard punk blues from Left Lane Cruiser, a duo that Google tells me are from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

They’ve been around for a while it seems, and this song is from their brilliantly titled tenth (yes, tenth) album Claw Machine Wizard. Apparently, some of their music featured on the Breaking Bad tv series, so I’ve probably already heard them actually without realising it. Listening to this, it makes sense, I can imagine their sound would fit right in on quite a few episodes of that show.

Anyway, if you like stuff that sounds like it was influenced by Howling Wolf and Screaming Jay Hawkins and played on the banjo in a somewhat frenetic punk style (and let’s be honest who doesn’t) then this should be right up your street. Think Seasick Steve, but off his meds…

Claw Machine Wizard. I’m still chuckling about that.



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