Track of the Day – COURTNEY BARNETT – How to Boil an Egg




Ok, so I really like Courtney Barnett. I have a live session recording she did and it’s brilliant. Really quirky and melodic, great lyrics. ‘How to Boil an Egg’ came out in May and is, I presume, a precursor to a new album later this year perhaps!?

Imagine Sheryl Crow has a cousin, from the wrong side of the family, who dropped out of high school and got in with a slightly dubious crowd – that’s pretty much what she sounds like. Part rockabilly, part slacker music, part god knows what.

Do yourself a favour and listen to this right through to the end. Best ending I’ve heard to a song in ages. It doesn’t so much ‘end’ as disintegrate. It’s like she isn’t really aware the band has stopped and keeps going for a bit before running out of steam and just abandoning the whole thing. That really appeals to me for some reason. It’s certainly something a bit different and I’m all for things that are a bit different.

Oh, and yeah, she’s Australian so she’s unlikely to be Sheryl Crow’s cousin. Which is a shame. I would have loved that to be true.



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