Gig review: Gene Loves Jezebel with Jay Aston – Black Heart – London 26/6/17

Gene Loves Jezebel are one of those bands that I have been a fan of for many years but I hadn’t seen them live until last night’s gig at the Black Heart, Camden.

I first heard their album “Discover” in 1991 and was hooked.

They have so many great songs and they played a mix of old and new songs at last night’s show.

The brothers who originally formed the group parted ways. They now front different bands, both called Gene Loves Jezebel, Michael in the US and Jay in the UK.

Jay Aston’s Gene Loves Jezebel (featuring Pete Rizzo, Chris Bell, and James Stevenson) recently funded their new album, “Dance Underwater”, via Pledge Music. If you pledged for the album, you will have received your download copy by now, and you’ll know how good it is.

The album will be released on 30th June 2017 on CD, vinyl, and download.

You can currently purchase the first single from the album, the wonderfully anthemic “Summertime”, which was released earlier this month:

“Dance Underwater” is a real treat for Gene Loves Jezebel fans. It’s their first album for 14 years. The 10-track album contains some of the best music that this band have produced. It’s an accomplished collection of songs. If you have ever liked a song by Gene Loves Jezebel, you’ll love the album. If you’re new to their music, I’d highly recommend it. This band have a very distinctive sound; their music is dancey, mellow, and catchy, with enchanting and wistful lyrics. I think “Dance Underwater” is one of the best new releases of 2017.

Last night, the band played many of the songs from the new album, including the new single, “Summertime”: “Charmed Life”, “Flying”, “Cry 4 U”, “How Do You Say Goodbye (to someone you love)”. Gene Loves Jezebel’s music has an enduring quality; they have so many memorable songs and it was awesome to hear some of the old favourites played live, including, “Sweet Sweet Rain”, “Break the Chain”, “Why Can’t I”, and “Desire”. They were on stage for over an hour playing to a packed house at the Black Heart. It was an entertaining evening; a brilliant mix of old and new tunes, along with some witty comments from Jay Aston throughout. They have the type of music that makes you want to dance. Fans were singing and dancing along and it was a great atmosphere despite how hot and sticky it was in the venue!

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  1. I bought “bruises” in Camden in 1983 been a fan ever since but only managed to see them live twice in mid 80s would really like to see them in Ireland

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