Album review – PINK CIGAR ‘Pink Cigar 2017’

2017-06-27Some bands you just fall in love with the first time you hear them and you never look back. It happened to me when I first listened to Pink Cigar’s ‘Blues To Bed’ some years ago, and I’ve been a fan ever since. At times over the years, I’ve wondered if the guys were still around, but every time I’ve checked around on social media, there they were, still at it. Recently, I’ve been listening to the band’s (freely available) 9-track release ‘Pink Cigar 2017’, and oh man, I’m falling in love with them all over again.

This is an addictive release: I’ve been hooked since I first listened to the opening track ‘Get Up’, a hooky, riffy piece of saucy goodness that seems to have infiltrated my bloodstream. The whole album (playlist? release? stream?) has a lovely, meaty, dirty, sweaty vibe that is sparking and twisting with a spiky, jagged energy that reminds me of the best kind of pub / garage / punk rock.


Pink Cigar has personality, and personality goes a long way. I love every track on this release, but will give special mention to a few of the tunes.

I’ve already mentioned ‘Get Up’. ‘Bombs’ is another catchy-as-the-flu, riffy, raw confection with lyrics that are dripping with anger: “The future isn’t bright / it’s just a blood-stained flag”.

‘The Twist’ has a terrific Dr Feelgood vibe with its throwback 50s/60s vibe mixed up with a bopping, speeding pulse. ‘Bullion’ is another stunner: heavy, trippy, bluesy rocker with some brilliant, slidey guitar-work. It’s followed by the rip-roaring, solar-plexus punching ‘Spit Fire (Other Intro)’, another hellishly tasty slice of raw, bloody-good rock’n’roll. The more I listen to Spit Fire’, the more I love it.

Don’t look for smooth edges and shellacked perfection here, but these guys sure as hell know how to put together a tune that makes your feet move, and makes you come back for more.

Listen to ‘Pink Cigar 2017’:




Pink Cigar’s official website / Facebook / Twitter / Tumblr


  • Whiplash Jackson – Vocals
  • Edd Whyte – Guitar/Vocals
  • Sam Rutland – Bass
  • Sid Mayall – Drums


  1. Get Up
  2. Bombs
  3. Pink Cigar
  4. Boulder
  5. The Twist
  6. Bullion
  7. Spit Fire (Other Intro)
  8. Nasty
  9. Hot Dog By The River


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