Track of the Day – SHAMAN’S HARVEST ‘The Come Up’


This is a real knockout track from Shaman’s Harvest. It’s taken from the Missouri-based band’s new album ‘Red Hands Black Deeds’, set for release July 28.


Rock And Roll’s Darcia Helle featured Shaman’s Harvest here on the site last year (read it here), and they are fantastic band with a captivating and original rock’n’roll sound.

More about ‘The Come Up’ from the band’s website:

The Come Up,” the album’s first single, is an upbeat song that juxtaposes a Motown backbeat with classic Rolling Stones rock and roll swagger, and that delves into depression. “There’s so much negativity on social media today ‑ a lot of people struggling with real issues and with where we’re at as a nation,” says Hunt.

But, “The Come Up” is also an acknowledgment of the singer’s own battle with depression. “It’s therapeutic for myself,” he says. “It’s just about sometimes when you just can’t change shit, you got to realize you can’t mold everything in your life and you kind of just have to roll with the punches,” says Hunt, who overcame throat cancer in 2014 that could’ve derailed the band, but didn’t.

Shaman’s Harvest has a long list of tour-dates coming up. Check out the band’s official website for all the details.

The band is:

  • Nathan Hunt – Lead Vocals/Acoustic
  • Josh Hamler – Guitar/Vocals
  • Matt Fisher – Bass/Vocals
  • Adam Zemanek – Drums/Vocals
  • Derrick Shipp – Lead Guitar/Vocals

Website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Spotify / iTunes / Amazon


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