Track of the Day – VOLBEAT (feat. DANKO JONES) ‘Black Rose’


Danish rockers Volbeat got some help from Canadian rock’n’roller Danko Jones on the track ‘Black Rose’, taken from Volbeat’s album ‘Sealt The Deal & Let’s Boogie’.

More about the track from Volbeat’s guitarist Rob Caggiano, via TeamRock:

“This song features Danko Jones and he’s a good friend of the band; we love what he does and he loves what Volbeat do. We took him on tour on the last album cycle and it was great. He’s such a cool dude, and he’s a huge music nerd like we are. He’s awesome. So we were working on this song Black Rose, and Michael was singing the verse part, and he was like, ‘Maybe Danko Jones could sing on this one. It sounds like something that he would do.’ And it totally does! We could almost hear it before it even happened. When we approached him about doing it he was totally psyched, and he completely nailed it.”


Both Volbeat and Danko Jones are on tour right now but in separate parts of the world – Volbeat in North America, and Danko Jones in Europe. Tour-dates and info are available on Volbeat’s homepage and on Danko Jones’ Facebook page.

Volbeat’s official website / Facebook / Twitter

Danko Jones official website/ Facebook / Twitter

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