New video – KYNG ‘Breathe In The Water’


Heavy rockers Kyng have released an outstanding new video for the band’s superb track ‘Breathe In The Water’, taken from the album by the same name. I love this tune, and the video, inspired by the Syrian refugee crisis, is unique and powerful.


Here’s more on that video, and the work that went into it (source):

A couple of months ago we got the extremely rare privilege of doing a video for a band that not only are we HUGE fans of, but that are also dear friends of ours. It was a CRAZY idea that took a lot of work to figure out but also made it a lot of fun to make happen. Not only a great song by every musical measure imaginable, but one with a soul and a heart that attempts to speak out about some of the wrongs in our world that make no sense whatsoever, regardless of politics. We knew we were gonna take a (misguided) beating online for that and boy are we taking it hahaha, but it comes with the territory in these weird times. But for those that are getting the meaning of the song and the video, this has made it all worthwhile.

PLEASE WATCH and if you like it, let youtube and fb know and also SHARE!!! with your friends, not for us but because it really is a great song, a great album and the band deserves your support particularly in these times where bands that actually write their own songs and play their own instruments are tragically becoming a rarity and have been slowly relegated to the bottom of the musical food chain.

As usual, this was the result of a GROUP of amazing people, most of which worked their asses off in some dire conditions not for money or credit, but simply out of love for the mighty Kyng. Although everyone here worked themselves to death, I do have to give a special shout out to Dave and Erica Pino who blew everyone away with their coolness and creativity, making this much more awesome than we initially thought would come out!


‘Breathe In The Water’ is available now:

Google Play:

Kyng’s official website / Facebook / Twitter


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