THE AMORETTES announce limited edition re-issue of debut album ‘Haulin’ Ass’



Big news from Scottish rockers The Amorettes: the band is re-issuing a limited edition of their debut album ‘Haulin’ Ass’. It’s been pretty much impossible for fans to lay their mitts on this album, but we all get a chance now.


The album can be ordered from the links provided by the band, and pre-orders will ship out on June 15th. (Official release date is June 16th.)

Here’s the information from the band, and a new video for the track “Whoot Woo”, taken from Haulin’ Ass.

Yes, it’s true. We told you that you’d hear it here first! We are re-issuing our debut album, Haulin’ Ass! You can read the full press release below, but here’s the basic info:

  • Haulin’ Ass will be re-issued and released on 16 June 2017, however, you can pre-order it from today. All pre-orders will be shipped out on 15 June.
  • There will only be 2,000 copies of the album, each one individually numbered and signed by the band. Once these copies are gone, that will be it. No more will be available, so get yours now so you don’t miss out.
  • The album will only be available from our own on-line store, and not available in shops or on line retailers.
  • Order from this link:

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And the press release:

In response to increasing fan demand, Scots rockers, The Amorettes, today announce the re-issue of their acclaimed debut album, Haulin’ Ass.

Recorded at the very start of the band’s career, and only ever available at live shows, Haulin’ Ass displays all the raw aggression, and youthful exuberance of a band with everything to prove, and nothing to lose.

“We initially had no initial intention at all of re-issuing Haulin’ Ass,” says guitarist/vocalist, Gill Montgomery, who is also the band’s primary songwriter. “However, during the last couple of years there have been so many requests from people asking where they can get hold of a copy. And nowadays, they are going for silly money on Ebay, which is flattering in a way, but we just feel now is the right time to make it available to people again, and at a reasonable price.”

Originally limited to just 1000 copies, the energetic debut was acclaimed by music fans and critics alike. Geoff Barton reviewed the album in Classic Rock Magazine, describing it as containing “Three-minute stun gun bursts of Hellion Fury”, and going on to proclaim that “The Amorettes are gonna make the biggest girl band noise since The Nolans appeared on the front cover of Sounds with Motorhead!”

The re-issue of Haulin’ Ass comes as a Digipack, packaged with additional sleeve notes and two bonus tracks. Strictly limited to only 2,000 copies, each one will be numbered and signed The Amorettes. The task of Re-Mastering was handed to Nick Brine, best known for his work with Springsteen, Ash, Coldplay, The Darkness, Snow Patrol, Thunder, as well as having engineered The Amorettes most recent album, White Hot Heat. Gill’s original artwork has been re-created by Chris Childs, bass player with UK Rock band, Thunder, and the man who has designed the layout of The Amorettes last 2 albums.

Bonus tracks, “The Monday Song” and “Booby Traps”, are both early songs, the former pre-dating The Amorettes completely. “Both these songs were a solid staple in our live set for the first few months of our career”, explains Gill. “Sadly, they didn’t quite make it onto the album, but we are very pleased to be able to add them as an extra blast from the past as part of the re-issue.”

“The additional sleeve notes are our own personal recollections and reflections of what recording the album was like.”, continues Gill. “It seems like forever and a day ago now, but looking back upon the early days of The Amorettes has been great fun. We decided to re-issue Haulin’ Ass rather than re-record it, as we didn’t want to mess with the original raw feel that had been captured. Listening back to the album the tracks are great the way they are (don’t get me wrong they are ridiculously fast as we decided against playing to a click), however we feel everyone involved did an incredible job with it, capturing our youthful punch and vigor.
It’s great to have so much interest in something that was entirely a homemade venture. It is rough, raw but a very proud part of our past that we are looking forward to sharing with a brand new audience.”

In line with the complete DIY approach surrounding Haulin’ Ass, The Amorettes will also release a brand new video for the track Whoot Woo. Filmed by the band, and edited by Gill Montgomery, this is as DIY as it is possible to get. We’re sure you’ll get the sentiment behind the video, and the recording.
Haulin’ Ass will only be available from The Amorettes own webstore, as well as via iTunes and all main digital download stores. You can pre-order the album from Friday 26 May 2017, with the album officially released on Friday 16 June.

Purchase the album here:
Watch the video here:

The Amorettes official website / Facebook / Twitter

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  1. […] I remember looking in vain for copies of ‘Haulin’ Ass’ back when I first started listening to the band a few years back. The band has released some blazing hot albums since, so there’s been no shortage of great music from this Scottish three-piece, but now they’re also re-releasing a limited edition of ‘Haulin’ Ass’ – check out the details. […]


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