Track of the Day: How Animal Are You? – Slydigs

Slydigs released an awesome new EP on 12th May 2017. Today’s track of the day is the title track, “How Animal Are You?”.

If you enjoyed that, grab a copy of the EP. There are 6 fabulous bluesy rock & roll songs on there. Slydigs’ songs are full of emotion and energy; this EP really grabs your attention and won’t let you go until the final track. It’s perfect.

Track listing:

  1. How Animal Are You?
  2. The Truth Will Be Found
  3. Give It Up Brother
  4. To Catch A Fading Light
  5. Suburban Confinement
  6. The Kids Feel Underrated

You can get a copy of the EP on the band’s website:

It’s also available online at iTunes & Amazon. Stream on Spotify.

Slydigs are currently on tour.

Follow the band:





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