New Music: Into the Unknown – METALFIER

Earlier this month NYC metal band METALFIER released an awesome EP, “Into the Unknown”. The EP includes three new original tracks and three covers.

Track listing:

  1. Into the Unknown
  2. Everybody Is Somebody
  3. Battle Within
  4. Breaking the Law (Judas Priest cover)
  5. Damage Inc. (Metallica cover)
  6. Interzone (Warrior Soul/Joy Division cover)
  7. James Heart

This collection of songs showcases this band’s talents well. Into the Unknown, the title track, is a fast-paced thrash metal tune; its melodic, anthemic, and punchy with a retro sound that evokes nostalgia for the great ’80s and ’90s metal bands. Everybody is Somebody starts off slower-paced and builds into a dramatic track with a catchy chorus and heavy riffs. Battle Within, the final original track on this EP shows a heavier side to the band, with death metal vocals. The last three songs on the EP are cover versions, which show the way this band can take another band’s music and make it their own, with their very original style.  When you listen to METALFIER music you can hear that this band love what they do, it really comes across in the sound.

The band have a full-length album coming out in July, which will feature 11 songs.

Get your copy of “Into the Unknown” on iTunes:

Or Amazon:

Stream on Spotify.

You can also hear/buy some of their other music on Reverbnation:

The band are headlining a show at the Gramercy Theater, New York, tomorrow (Friday 26th May 2017). More details here:

They will also be playing on June 17th at The Marlin Room, Webster Hall, New York – you can pick up discounted tickets for that show at tomorrow’s headlining show at the Gramercy. More details here:







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