Track of the Day: Leatherhead – El Colosso

“Leatherhead” is taken from El Colosso’s excellent new album, “Pathways”.

“Pathways” is a collection of 7 awesome tracks. No fillers here. I could have picked any one of them as a track of the day 🙂 If you like rock music, you should definitely check it out. El Colosso’s music is heavy, brooding, melodic, epic, and groovy. It grabs you with the powerful vocals and glorious guitar riffs and keeps you captive with its addictive, catchy, and anthemic lyrics. There are a couple of extended tracks on the album; the first song, “Doom Boogie” is 8:18 and the last track “Moving Mountains” is almost 10 minutes long: both are fantastic and the length of them just makes them better! My current faves are “Leatherhead” (it’s just so addictive!), “The Hunted”, and “Moving Mountains”. I just love the guitar solo on that last track. It’s amazing.

Track listing:

  1. Doom Boogie
  2. Leatherhead
  3. King Ink
  4. The Hunted
  5. Pathways
  6. Limbo
  7. Moving Mountains

The band’s influences are wide and varied, stemming from the likes of AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath to Soundgarden, Kyuss and Clutch – and more recently by bands such as Mastodon, The Black Keys and Royal Blood.

About the band:

EL COLOSSO is the coming together of four heavyweights of the Melbourne rock scene. Featuring the talents and influences of Benny James Pertzel (Dirty York / King Wolf), Craig Fryers (Mushroom Giant / Dive Into Ruin), Peter ‘Red Dog’ Hayden (The Hybernators / Free To Run) and Matt ‘Koops’ Cooper (Bring On The Junta).

El Colosso has all the attributes of a true heavy rock band: an arse-kicking frontman with a voice as big as his persona, a wildman lead guitarist, a super-tight rhythm section, impressive harmonies and a song list consisting of all killer, no filler. The El Colosso live show is relentless energy from go-to-whoa.

El Colosso has been playing the Melbourne gig circuit now for just over three years, performing venues such as The Corner Hotel (most recently with UK’s rock legends, Thunder – click here to see review), The Tote (including PBS FM’s Heavy & Hammered Festival), The Evelyn Hotel, The Old Bar, The Village Green Hotel, and Cherry Bar – where they will be holding the launch party for the new album on Friday 26 May.

Stream the album on Spotify, or Bandcamp.

Buy on iTunes: or Amazon:

On the band’s Bandcamp page you can buy special limited edition red vinyl or CD versions:

Follow the band:





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