Album review – LIV SIN ‘Follow Me’

livsinalbumSwedish vocalist Liv Jagrell’s old band Sister Sin said farewell a couple of years ago, but her new band Liv Sin has just released its debut album ‘Follow Me’, a release that impressed me with its powerful metal flair and heavy-hitting fury.

If you like extra metal with your metal (and would also like an extra helping of METAL on the side) then this album is for you. Liv Sin does not mess around. From the first screaming, careening riffs of the opening track (and battle hymn) ‘The Fall’, this album cranks everything up to 11. There’s a no-holds-barred feel to the music that is really enjoyable. No, this is not an album that reinvents any musical wheels or goes looking for complexity and nuances, however, it knows what it wants to do (METAL) and it delivers the goods.

Liv’s vocals are on point throughout, all power and growl and force and fire, with a sizable helping of dramatic flair, and the band behind her is top-notch as well. The  two guitarists are flat-out fantastic from start to finish, delivering rib-shaking,  fiery riffs. Meanwhile, the bass and drums are absolutely slamming, making sure this band does everything with balls-to-the-wall energy.


My favourite tracks (apart from the gutpunching goodness of ‘The Fall’) include ‘Hypocrite’ with its speeding guitars, glorious bass, and drum-barrage; and the absolutely irresistible ‘Let Me Out’ – a powerful, heavy (yet melodic) beast of a tune. ‘Black Souls’ is another track that manages to both soar and be bruisingly hard – oh, and there’s a heavy dose of frigging awesome guitars on ‘I’m Your Sin’.

Liv Sin also does a great cover of ‘Immortal Sin’ (a Rob Halford tune from his days with Fight) – featuring Jyrki of 69 Eyes, showing off more of the band’s theatrical bent. Finally, ‘The Beast Inside’ slows things down a bit, allowing Liv to show off more nuances and shades in her singing, and the track has a folk-metal flavour that I really liked.

This is s dark, fiery, heavy, monster of an album and definitely whets the appetite for more from Liv Sin.

Liv Sin official website /  FacebookInstagram / Twitter


  1. The Fall
  2. Hypocrite
  3. Let Me Out
  4. Black Souls
  5. Godless Utopia
  6. Endless Roads
  7. Killing Ourselves To Live
  8. I’m Your Sin
  9. Emperor Of Chaos
  10. Immortal Sin
  11. The Beast Inside



  • Liv Jagrell/ Liv Sin – vocals
  • Patrick Ankermark – guitar
  • Per Bjelovuk – drums
  • Chris Bertzell – guitar
  • Tommie Winther – bass



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