Gig Review: Eclectica Launch Party – Doris Brendel and Lee Dunham – The Borderline, London 14/5/17

Doris Brendel and Lee Dunham’s excellent new album, “Eclectica”, was released on the 1st of May. It’s a wonderfully eclectic (as the title suggests 🙂 ) collection of songs. In case you missed it, you can read my review of the album HERE.

I was looking forward to the launch party at The Borderline. I saw the band play there last year, before the venue was refurbished, and really enjoyed it. Their progressive/experimental rock style really comes alive in a live setting. The band are true artists; from what they wear to their choice of musical instruments and props, everything is designed to make the experience unique and extraordinary for the audience. Last night’s show was brilliant. It really did feel like a party because there were so many extras: aside from Doris’s “special effects”, there were special guests and there was an exclusive preview of the video for the song “Adored”.

The whole evening really was a multisensory treat 🙂

In the 90-minute set, Doris Brendel and Lee Dunham played all the tracks from the “Eclectica” album, as well as “Devil Closed the Door”, “Slap Me and You Die”, “Little Act of Defiance”, and “Adored” from their 2015 album “Upside Down World”.

There was a screen set up so that we could preview the music video for “Adored”. It is something the band have been working on for a year. It’s a wonderful fantasy-themed animated video by artist Durand Greig. The video has now been posted on Doris Brendel’s Facebook page:

They also played a couple of older tracks: “Last Adventure”, a song that Doris wrote when her mother died; and an old favourite “Latest Fantasy”.

The band were joined on stage by some special guests. There was a string section – cello and violins, played by Emma Dunham, Emma Robinson, and Millie Robinson, for two of the songs; and Lee Dunham’s father joined the band on stage with a harmonica for the track “Animal”.

In the audience were other musicians who had worked on the “Eclectica” album.

Doris Brendel wore her famous laser gloves during “Slap Me and You Die” – it’s a fun visual effect that added to the party atmosphere. She also brought out a laser whip for one of the songs, which again created some stunning light effects.

Nobody wanted the show to end, so the band played an encore, “Get a Life”.

The Eclectica launch party was a great night of entertainment. Doris said that the band will be touring with Wishbone Ash again next year and also supporting Fish (ex-Marillion) on tour in December. Check out the website for more details on where to get tickets:

Get your copy of Eclectica via Doris Brendel’s website, where it’s available on CD, download, and limited edition presentation pack:

The presentation box is very cool – handmade by Doris. I have one 🙂

Follow the band:






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