Album review: Idiom – Evilyn Strange

Back in January, I interviewed Phillip Strange, lead singer of Evilyn Strange. If you missed it, you can catch up HERE.

One thing that came out of that interview is that sometimes New Year’s resolutions do work out; Phillip told me that his resolution was to release the new Evilyn Strange album before 2018 🙂 . The great news is that the new album, Idiom, will be released on 22nd June 2017! It’s currently available for pre-order online. Order your copy on iTunes or Amazon, and look out for it on other online stores. When you purchase from iTunes you get 2 of the tracks as instant downloads.

The album follows Evilyn Strange‘s awesome 2013 debut, “Mourning Phoebe“, and last year’s fabulous “Evilution” EP.

IDIOM Track listing:

1. Break The Chains
2. So Far Away
3. Father Time
4. Better Days
5. Down
6. Thrown
7. My Revenge
8. One
9. Come Alive
10. Rise
11. Waterfall
12. Messed It Up

The band have been working on the new album for 3 years.

Evilyn Strange are seasoned musicians and the quality of the music they produce is evidence of that. They are a versatile band, adept at composing heartfelt ballads, and equally skilled at composing funky, melodic rock songs and much heavier rock/metal tracks. Evilyn Strange‘s songs often contain common themes of despair, isolation, and conflict. Phillip Strange’s vocals are unique and have an evocative quality with the perfect classic rock sound that makes the band instantly recognisable as Evilyn Strange. It’s clear that a lot of work has gone into producing this new record.

Idiom is an excellent album. If you like rock/classic rock, start saving your pennies as you’ll want to add this one to your collection.


The album starts with Break the Chains, a catchy tune, melodic and heavy in turn. Since their EP “Evilution” the band have been producing slightly heavier and darker music, keeping that classic rock sound. The lyrics relate to life and struggles that everyone can relate to. The tune is one of the heavier ones on the album. There are some anthemic lyrics and glorious guitar riffs that remind me of some of the best ’80’s and early ’90’s rock.

So Far Away continues the dark and deep feeling of the album; this one has an addictive groove and a rousing chorus. The guitars are gritty and grungy.

Track 3, Father Time, has thought-provoking lyrics. The theme is of looking back; an introspective but uptempo rock track. It has a catchy chorus. Again it has that glorious retro sound of the great classic rock era.

Better Days is a gorgeous ballad. It has a hopeful vibe even though there is a melancholic theme. The song is driven by the crisp, clear vocals and the melodic guitars. The guitar solo speaks volumes.

Track 5, Down, is a groovy rock tune with driving guitars; it’s classic sounding, bluesy, funky, and heavy, with a catchy chorus.

Thrown takes the band down a more hard rock direction again, with expressive lyrics that drive the song. There is a melodic chorus and heavy guitar riffs that dive into a delicious guitar solo.

The next song is My Revenge. Dramatic guitars open the track and this one has a metal sound. There is a pulsating beat. This song is a great example of the band’s darker side with hard rocking heavy guitars.

Next up is One, a funky rock tune. This one has a dancey vibe and catchy lyrics.

Come Alive takes the tempo down; it begins as a slow, melodic, and introspective track with thoughtful lyrics. Towards the end, the guitars speed up and the track takes on a different and more rocking vibe. It continues with a tumultuous blend of guitars and drums, then slows down again to finish.

Track 10, Rise, is another dancey rock tune with heavy guitars and a catchy, uptempo sound.

Waterfall has an almost folk sound; this acoustic-sounding ballad is slow. It’s a sad song with a hopeful message. The guitar solo towards the end has a poignant quality.

The album ends with Messed It Up; it shows another side to the band as it has a punk edge with fast and heavy, cool guitar riffs and a catchy chorus. It’s a great way to end a fantastic album.

Whilst listening to Idiom I could really imagine the songs in a live setting, and I think many of them would be perfect for crowd participation. Idiom is an accomplished album that deserves to be heard by a wide audience. Fans of all types of rock and classic rock will love Evilyn Strange.

Band Members:
Phillip Strange (Vocals)
Mikael Johannesson (Guitars)
The Ghost (Drums, Keyboards, SOAP – Shunner Of All Publicity)

Follow the band:



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