Pre-order Baleful Creed’s new album, SEISMIC SHIFTER

You can now pre-order “SEISMIC SHIFTER”, Baleful Creed’s new album on CD at the band’s online store:

This new studio album will be released before end of May 2017 (final release date to be confirmed).

Track listing:

1. Devil’s Side
2. Memento Mori
3. Levy
4. God’s Fear
5. Grind
6. Faux Celebrity
7. Walking Wounded
8. Lose Religion
9. Forgiven
10. The Wolf

SEISMIC SHIFTER was recorded by Neal Calderwood at Manor Park Studios, Northern Ireland.

If you pre-order the CD, an mp3 download link will be provided as well.

The band are also offering a limited edition pre-order Special Bundle of the CD and a new twist on their popular “Wolf” T-shirt with a retro/vintage style worn print and on a Dark Heather shirt.

Check out some recent reviews of the album:

The Moshville Times:

“… Baleful Creed have taken the foundations of heavy blues rock and absolutely nailed them.Every track without exception has a killer intro that sets the scene. You’re simply wrapped up in the tune before the vocals even kick in, and by that time you’re hooked. … Baleful Creed have a genuinely great album on their hands here, and you should have it in yours. If your preference is for classic rock then you simply have to add Seismic Shifter to your collection.”

See the full review:

Belfast Metalheads Reunited:

“… What John, Fin, Dave and Davy have done on this release is solidify their sound, allow that sound more breath without compromising the depth, heft and weight  of the songs, lose some of the grunge elements and develop it into a proper stoner/metal sound. … It is as if they have taken a mighty slab of basalt, melded it with steel to produce the substantial musical weight of hard rock and heavy metal. A mass that is a true ‘Seismic Shifter’.”

See the full review:

Worship Metal:

“Here is a band that has encapsulated many of the finer facets of rock and metal over the last 45 years and fashioned their own irresistable take on them all. Frankly, Seismic Shifter reeks of class and is equal to, if not better than, Baleful Creed’s cracking self titled debut.”

See the full review:

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