Charity gig announcement: Combined Fund Raiser – The Witchwood – 21st May 2017

May Day for Auntie P. and We Shall Overcome – combined Fund Raiser

A combined Fund raiser, primarily to raise some much needed funds for Auntie P. to help get “The Station” repaired and secured after a spate of callous burglaries.

Without these funds Pauline will not be able to continue running the pub and wouldn’t have a secure base for the endless amount of homeless people she cares for on a daily basis.

“We shall Overcome” is the secondary charity supported. A group of like minded musicians who work tirelessly to raise funds for the homeless.

Features some of the North West’s finest musicians.

£5 on the door
The Witchwood – 152 Old Street | Ashton Under Lyne | Lancashire | OL6 7SF


Smile Like Fools
Joe Solo
Station Five
Bauer (Mikey and Greg Acoustic)

Garron Frith
The Red-sided Garter Snakes

Dollar Bombers
Four Candles (Moet – ex Hamsters)
Tony Auton
Dead Sea Apes
Room Thirteen (Acoustic)
Jonny Half-a-Day (Acoustic armchair anarchy Punk)
Wiz Mossley
Mr Hot Gothic (Lawrence Mahmood)
The Podgers
Last Race Home
Don’t Poke the Wookie

There will also be collection buckets and bins for any food you can donate, plus another bin for any toiletries you can give.

Check out the Facebook Event Page for more details:


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