New Release: Mindfield – Torous

The highly-anticipated debut album from Torous has been released today via Holier Than Thou Records!

This is a must-have album for fans of metal/progressive rock music.

Track listing:

  1. Sideline
  2. Frontline
  3. I Am
  4. Colours
  5. Playing Human
  6. Close My Eye
  7. Seven
  8. Shipped Away
  9. Nine
  10. Shadow Self
  11. Crow Road
  12. Feed the Fire
  13. Mindfield
  14. God Game Suicide

Mindfield is an addictive album. The band’s signature Celtic Metal sound is fused with experimental and progressive sounds, add to that deep, thoughtful, and evocative lyrics and you have a masterpiece. There are a few tunes that fans will be familiar with as they were released as singles last year: “Colours” and “God Game Suicide”, and “Feed The Fire” from their “Paint the Sky” EP.

Two of the tracks were also released in advance of the album, “I Am” and “Close My Eye”. If you’ve heard those, you know how good this band are. The rest of the tracks on the album are just as fantastic as those songs. I really could not pick a favourite if I tried. A lot of work has obviously gone into making this unique gem of an album.

If you’re a metal/rock fan, or if you just like good music, grab yourself a copy of the album, you won’t be disappointed:


Stream on Spotify.


Follow Torous:





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