Gig review: Torous – Fiddler’s Elbow, London 27/4/17

Having seen Torous play at the Fiddler’s Elbow last November, I was looking forward to seeing them again. They’re a band that put a lot of passion into the performance of their music and they have an ever-increasing catalogue of awe-inspiring tracks.

At last night’s show, the band played songs from their upcoming debut album, “Mindfield”. I bought myself an early release copy at the show and have to say it contains some mind-blowing music. I have been following the band on social media for the past year or so, so I know that they have been working on this album for a while and they take their music very seriously. I’ve been quite addicted to their EPs, so was eagerly awaiting this debut album. I still have to find time to listen to it properly, but from what I’ve heard so far this could well end up being my favourite album of 2017.

Before I get to the review of last night’s gig, I’ll quickly mention the band who were on stage before Torous. I’d never heard of them before but did manage to catch most of their performance and really enjoyed it. Pyra are a female-fronted rock band. I’m not familiar with their music, so don’t know the names of most of the songs they played, but it was a good performance and I’d say they’re well worth seeing if you get a chance. The lead singer has a great voice and engaging stage presence and their music is melodic and has an ambient quality. One of the songs they played was their new single, “Stranger”, which is available to download on their website:

Their next show is at The Cavendish Arms in London on the 6th of May. For more details, check out the event page:

Follow them:




Torous played an awesome half-hour set. The songs were all from the new album, “Mindfield”.

Set list:

Sideline (intro)
I Am
Close My Eye
God Game Suicide
Shadow Self

Everything I’d heard from the album before the show sounded amazing; the band had released “Colours” and “God Game Suicide” as singles last year, and more recently they’ve been previewing tracks from “Mindfield”, including “I Am” (which we featured as a Track of the Day here earlier this month). They’d also released a video for the excellent “Close My Eye” a couple of weeks ago.

I was looking forward to hearing the songs live. As expected, they sounded fantastic. A live setting is probably the best place for this band’s music to be fully appreciated because their songs are immersive and it makes for an enjoyable experience. It’s hard to define Torous’s music. It’s metal, but it’s original and different. I can also hear a lot of influence from the great bands of the past like Black Sabbath, Metallica, even Slayer.

I spoke briefly to Tom Fenn (drummer) before the show and he said that he thinks the reason their music contains so many different elements is because they are three very different types of people. I think the fact that they all have slightly disparate musical leanings lends itself well to creating something original and special.

Torous songs are full of depth and deeper meanings; they contain lots of thought-provoking lyrics. Marc Malone is a great frontman who is very expressive in the way he performs the songs. I chatted with him briefly before the show and he said that Torous are playing larger venues and in front of more people these days, so the gig at the Fiddler’s Elbow last night was one of the smallest venues they’ve played in a while. It’s not surprising that they are now attracting larger crowds. I’m sure the new album will also bring them many more fans. If you’re a metal fan I would highly recommend you check out their music.

The official release date for “Mindfield” is 5th of May 2017, but if you’d like an advance copy, go to the band’s website. They currently have a very limited amount of CDs available, one week ahead of the album’s worldwide release on Holier Than Thou Records.

Follow the link to order a copy:

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