Track of the Day – RAGDOLL ‘Kungfoolery’


Hot off a gaggle of gigs in Melbourne, Bendigo, and Sydney, Australian band Ragdoll has just released this awesome video for their instrumental track ‘Kungfoolery’, taken from ‘Back To Zero‘. I love videos that show off a band on stage, in a live-setting, and this one captures the vibe and energy of the band in all its racing, joyful glory.


For more Ragdoll video-goodness, check out the stunning track and video ‘Shine’. It’s another kick-ass tune from ‘Back To Zero’ – an album I highly recommend you check out in its entirety.

“Back to Zero” is out now via Firestarter Distribution (in Australia) and Bad Reputation (in the EU). For all your Ragdoll merch needs, check out

Keep up with Ragdoll online: official website / Facebook / Twitter

Photo credit: Elspeth Erickson Photography.


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