Album review – WICKED TONGUES ‘Color of Attack’

colorofattackFlat-out floored. That about describes my reaction when I first listened to the track ‘Feral Gods’, from  Wicked Tongues’ full-length release ‘Color of Attack’, a few months ago. My jaw might not have literally hit the desk I was sitting at, but it was a close thing. The tune is spectacular: gritty and alive with energy and a delicious bluesy undertow, showcasing the magic of a band that is in full flight, soaring high on powerful riffs and glorious vocals.

Sitting at my computer that night, I listened to it at least a dozen times over, just reveling in the pure and unadulterated joy of hearing a band you already like, outdo all your high expectations.

I reviewed Wicked Tongues’ EP ‘Jackals’ in 2014, so I knew they had some serious chops, and I’d been eagerly awaiting to hear more from them ever since, but I’m not sure I was quire ready for this knockout album.

‘Color of Attack’ is a stunner: ambitious and confident from start to finish, decked out with deep and delicious bass, slamming good drums, guitar-riffs to die for, and goosebump-inducing vocals. Wicked Tongues have a style and vibe all their own, but their power and passion for raw, gutsy rock and roll with depth – both in the music and the lyrics – reminds me of bands like Rival Sons and The Temperance Movement. Two bands that are at the top of the heap in the world right now, as far as I’m concerned.


‘Color of Attack’ is full of standout tracks. There’s ‘We’re Only Strangers’ with its scorching hot guitar work, and a Led Zep-ish swagger. This track has a heat and a nerve that just keeps me riveted. And there’s ‘High Heels’, with the band and vocalist Mason Betsch being all strut and attitude, showing off the band’s playfully seductive side.

Title track ‘Color Of Attack’ is another knockout – it’s all groove and grit, riffy and raw but still polished enough to shine, with a heavy bassline that anchors everything, and brilliant lyrics to boot.

Wicked Tongues certainly knows how to do smoldering, hot-as-fucking-blazes rock’n’roll. Just give a listen to tunes like the lovely, slow-burning ‘What’s Missing’; or the gorgeous ‘Love Is A Weapon’ – all pain and longing and musical poetry intertwined.

But that’s not all! There’s also the inspired, instrumental brilliance of ‘Lord of Misrule’; and the hooky and catchy as hell ‘Cult Killer, Koraelane’. Or, you can experience the band at its most roguishly, sashaying-cool with final track ‘Sunday Girl’.

There’s nothing quite like hearing a band make full use of their talents and skills, crafting something beyond what you might have been hoping for as a fan. Wicked Tongues delivers the goods in spectacular fashion with this release, and it’s an album you should definitely check out as soon as humanly possible.

Wicked Tongues Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp / ReverbNation


  1. Prelude
  2. Feral Gods
  3. We’re Only Strangers
  4. Silver City
  5. High Heels
  6. Color Of Attack
  7. Find What’s Missing
  8. Look Alive
  9. Cult Killer, Koraelane
  10. Love Is A Weapon
  11. Thieving Wolves
  12. Lord of Misrule
  13. Sunday Girl


  • Michael Conway-Guitar
  • Mason Betsch-Vocals
  • Ryan Shaw-Bass
  • Elias Berlinger-Drums




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