Gig review: deux furieuses and Sisteray at The Black Heart – Camden 31/03/17

The future of original music is safe in the hands of the two bands I was lucky enough to catch at The Black Heart last night!

Sisteray and deux furieuses are both bands that have something to say about the world we live in today and are producing songs that are full of perceptive social commentary. Music can be a force for change and we need more artists who do what these bands do. It’s not only their lyrics that are great though; both bands have a certain unique quality that separates them from many new bands out there.

deux furieuses

I’d been looking forward to seeing this band play live, after hearing their fantastic debut album “Tracks of Wire” last year. It was featured in our top 20 favourite releases for 2016. You can read my review of the album HERE.

Last night, the band played to a packed house at The Black Heart. Both girls have a magnetic stage presence and there is a certain energy about them that reminds me of bands from the progressive rock era. They both put a lot of passion into the performance. The band played many of the songs from their album as well as their single “This Is A Red Line”.

Highlights for me were “Kill Us” and “Dream For Change”, two of my favourite songs from the album. They also performed an awesome version of “From Fear to Fury”, an essentially instrumental track where the two band members use their voices to convey emotion; this was a great example of the girls’ unique and innovative style.

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The headliners last night were Sisteray. This show must have been sold out because the room was full. This band have certainly built up a following; there were many people in the audience dancing and singing along. The band’s live performance was full of energy and passion.

Sisteray’s music is excellent and they remind me of bands like The Smiths and The Clash. That’s not to say that their music is necessarily similar to those bands, but they have an aura that brings to mind those bands and also some famous indie bands of the ’90s era; a certain star quality.

Sisteray have a few singles online (you can stream them on Spotify and Soundcloud), and they are due to release their EP “15 Minutes” on vinyl via Pledge Music soon. Get all the details HERE.

I’ve loved all the music I’ve heard from Sisteray so far and was looking forward to seeing them play live. They played a 40-minute set. I enjoyed the whole gig, but some highlights were “WHO R YA?” and “The Queen’s English”. They are due to release a video for “The Queen’s English” soon.

This is definitely a band to watch. I don’t think they’ll be playing small venues for too long. 🙂

Sisteray have just announced that they’ll be at The Camden Assembly on 28th of April 2017, supporting The Shimmer Band.

They also have a few more dates lined up. See the website for details:

Follow Sisteray:







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