Track of the Day – HEAVY TIGER ‘I Go For The Cheap Ones’


This brand new track and video from Swedish band Heavy Tiger is one heck of a catchy rock and roller. ‘I Go For The Cheap Ones’ is taken from Heavy Tiger’s new album ‘Glitter’ – and I am just loving this tune. (I also love their outfits: 100% dazzling!)

Read my review of ‘Glitter’.

‘Glitter’ is available right now:


Heavy Tiger is based in Stockholm and is made up of Maja Linn on guitar and vocals, Astrid Carsbring on drums and backing vocals, and Sara Frendin on bass and backing vocals.

As the bio says:

Some say power trio. Others talk about all girl band. But what it comes down to in the end of the day, is that Heavy Tiger is an impressive and unique rock ‘n’ roll act.

Classic riffs with attitude. Think KISS meets Thin Lizzy and you´re pretty close.

Heavy Tiger’s official website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube


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