New tune & video, and album details from 42 DECIBEL


42 Decibel is a band from Argentina with a couple of hard-rocking releases in their resumé: ‘Hard Rock N Roll‘ from 2013, and ‘Rolling In Town‘ from 2015. The band members are Junior Figueroa on vocals and guitar, Nicko Cambiasso on drums, Billy Bob on rhythm and slide guitar, and Matt Fraga on bass)

After gigging hard at home, and touring in Europe last year, the band is set to release a third album, titled ‘Overloaded’ on June 23rd.  The album will be available various formats: LP, CD, CD (digipak) and digital download.



  1. Whiskey Joint
  2. Dangerous Mess
  3. Brawler
  4. Roadkiller
  5. Hot Shot
  6. Half Face Dead
  7. Lost Case
  8. Cause Damage
  9. Double Itch Blues
  10. Cannon Fodder

The band has also released the new track and video ‘Dangerous Mess’, taken from ‘Overloaded’.

42 Decibel on Facebook / Twitter


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