Album Review: Eclectica – Doris Brendel and Lee Dunham

Doris Brendel and Lee Dunham will release a new album on 1st May 2017. “Eclectica” is a collection of 10 songs which they’ve been working on for over 2 years. It follows their fabulous 2015 album, “Upside Down World”.

I’ve been lucky enough to listen to a pre-release copy of the new album. It’s brilliant. One of those albums that contains track after track of quality music.

One thing I love about this band is that they don’t stick to a formula and are always experimenting with new sounds. Eclectica is a real treat of an album; the 10 awesome tracks are all different in style in many ways (as the album title suggests) and yet all instantly recognisable as works of Doris Brendel and Lee Dunham. Doris’s voice has a raspy yet smooth quality that adds that special something to this band’s music.

Here’s my track-by-track review:

  1. The One – This song is an uplifting tune with lyrics full of hope and optimism. A creative piece of music that, like many of Doris and Lee’s tunes, doesn’t fit into any particular genre. It twists and turns with a pulsating energy. It features the flute as well as the usual rock and roll instruments. The ending is unexpected and a good way to finish this very unique track.
  2. Love App – This is a song for the new technological age where we have an app for everything 🙂 . The lyrics are a good example of the fun side of this band. It’s a fantastic rock song.
  3. I Rather Wear Black – One of the longest songs on the album at almost 7 minutes, this shows a slightly darker side to the band’s musical style; it has an addictive groove with some heavy guitar riffs. The instrumental section in the middle of the track is a wonderfully expressive piece of guitar work.
  4.  Crying Shame – This song begins with a baby crying and that made me think of this album as almost a theatrical offering. This band are very original and they always surprise me with their versatility. The chorus of this song is anthemic; the lyrics tell a story of love and loss. It ends quite abruptly and that has the effect of making it even more poignant.
  5. Retribution – This song has probably the best intro to a song I’ve heard in a while. It builds into an introspective piece, with quite a heavy sound. One of the longer songs on the album, there are lots of awesome guitar parts, dramatic interludes, and progressive sounding melodies. A truly eclectic song.
  6.  Animal – I can hear a Stevie Wonder influence in this track. It definitely has that ’70s vibe. A funky song with a catchy groove. There are some interesting animal sounds to add to the individuality of the track.
  7. Losing It – This is the longest song on the album at over 8 minutes, yet I would have been happy for it to have been longer 🙂 . It’s an epic tune, with brooding lyrics and a melodic sound. It has a wonderful instrumental section where the guitars take over and provide a mesmerising interlude.
  8.  Death and Taxes – This is another eclectic offering, it has quite a classic rock sound with some funky parts.
  9.  Balloon – Another introspective track with thought-provoking lyrics. It’s quite mellow; pop-rock with a theatrical twist.
  10.  One World – The final song has a catchy tune and a reggae sound; it features Lee Dunham singing. There’s a great message behind this song, especially given the current political climate.

Eclectica is an accomplished album and one of the best new albums I’ve heard for a while.

It will be available to pre-order soon via Doris Brendel’s website.

To celebrate the release of this excellent album, Doris and Lee will be holding a launch party at The Borderline in London on the 14th of May. Check out the Facebook event page for all the details:

I saw the band play at The Borderline last year and they put on an awesome show. Doris Brendel was featured in our Best Live Bands 2016 list. You can read that HERE.

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