Gig review: Empyre and Hot Doggy – Fiddler’s Elbow – London – 15/3/17

If you follow my blog you’ll know I’m a big fan of Empyre. I saw them back in January at Proud Camden. I was looking forward to see them again. They have an awesome collection of songs from 2 EPs and they sound great live as well as on record.

I arrived early at the venue. The Fiddler’s Elbow is a nice little music venue in Camden. I’d missed the first support band but managed to catch the second one.

Hot Doggy

Yes a strange name and an even stranger looking band! When I first saw them I wasn’t quite sure what to make of them. Were they a novelty band? The bassist was wearing a woman’s floral dress that barely fitted him, the guitarist had a big black wig and a large fake moustache, and the lead singer was wearing a suit and began by saying “F@ck the police” and telling us he was wearing the suit because he’d been to court and its ‘fun’ to wear a suit 😀 I wish I’d taken a picture actually, but here’s one from their Facebook page, which gives you an idea of what I mean 🙂

Looks can be deceptive, as we all know. Hot Doggy are far from being a novelty band. They are actually a very good rock band and they have a bit of a Nirvana vibe. They have some amazing guitar riffs and are very entertaining. The lead singer’s comments throughout were quite funny and the band are talented musicians. They may not look like they take themselves seriously but their music is serious stuff. I enjoyed the show.

If you get the chance to see Hot Doggy you should definitely check them out. They’ll be playing The Islington on April 12th. More details here:

Check out their music on Bandcamp:


Empyre were the headliners last night.

They started the show with their latest single “Drive”, which was a track of the day here at Rock and Roll recently. It’s a fantastic rock song. They followed with “Cut to the Core”, another great track from their first EP (EP1). Here’s a snippet of that song that I caught on camera:

The band played all the songs from their first 2 excellent EPs, including my faves “Only Way Out” and “Homegrown”. They played another song “Stone”, which isn’t on the EPs, and they also treated us to a new song, I think; one that I’d never heard before anyway. Empyre’s live performances are flawless; they’re a very professional band.

You can currently download both of Empyre’s EPs for free on their website. Follow the link and grab the songs, you’ll be glad you did:

I chatted to singer, Henrik, after the show and he tells me that the band may be on the brink of a management deal and there are plans for some major festivals, if not this year then next. This is a band that are starting to make a few waves on the rock scene. They should be playing much larger venues; it’s music that deserves to be heard.

Empyre have a few more live dates lined up. If you like rock music, you should try and catch this band on tour. Keep an eye on their website and social media for updates:







    • That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing it. I’ll look forward to watching that again 🙂 It was a great show. Will definitely try to catch you live again soon.


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